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Attack on Titan - Betrayal by IdaRiddle
Attack on Titan - Betrayal
(Read from Right to Left)

Sooooo... this is me attempting to draw Manga...

I've mentioned before that I like to see my favorite characters suffer... this is another one of those.
I think you need to have read/watched Attack on Titan to understand what's going on.

The main reason I drew this was because I wanted to draw Levi looking shocked, and since there was still some empty space left on the page, I made up a reason for why he does. Basically, they were on a scouting or training mission or something where Eren was supposed to do something in Titan form. The rest of the squad (Levi's original squad is still alive) is travelling by Maneuver Gear. Levi hears Petra scream his name, turns his head and sees that Eren is about to grab one of his 3DMG wires. If I had better drawing skills, the next panels would have been Levi being pulled back suddenly by the wire, Eren throwing him around, Levi hitting the ground roughly and the rest of the squad panicking.
Unfortunately, this is as far as I got without it looking completely ridiculous.

Commander Levi - Atack on Titan by IdaRiddle
Commander Levi - Atack on Titan
... Wow. My handwriting looks like shit.


This is another one of those things that I drew while I was really into Attack on Titan (and the character Levi). Before anyone asks, this was done using a reference picture that I found and downloaded on Google Search. No idea where it was from.

I find it really funny that in the original piece Levi was looking really self-confident and determined, and here he's just... tired. And injured.

In case you can't read what that stuff next to him is supposed to mean, it says:

"It hurts...
It hurts so badly...
I'm tired
I can't feel my leg...
I can't see anything...

Where is everybody?
Why am I still moving?
I'm so tired..."

You see, I enjoy seeing my favorite characers suffer...
(Not the most fortunate hobby to have, but by now it's probably too far advanced to have it exorcised, so yeah.)

Me playing the Attack on Titan Tribute Game by IdaRiddle
Me playing the Attack on Titan Tribute Game
A very good friend of mine introduced me to this game about a year ago or something, while I was massively into Attack on Titan (if you're interested in Anime/Manga, you might wanna check it out if you haven't already).
It's a free game made by one single guy called Feng Li, and it's really awesome.
You can customize your character, play different maps, do acrobatic stuff while using your threedimensional maneuver gear and try to get high damage Titan kills... or, well, that's what most people do there.
I spend more time being confused and trying not to die than anything else. This led to a little running gag between me and my friend:

"Wo bin ich? Wo bist du? Wo sind die Titans?" ("Where am I? Where are you? Where are the Titans?")

I would say that a lot while playing, especially before I downloaded the modded version that adds a minimap...

What you see here is one of my custom characters. I don't use that name for her anymore, though, the joke got old pretty quickly.
The drawing is based on an actual event where I had hooked a Titan and suddenly my camera freaked out, I had massive lag and was forced to button mash blindly. Five seconds later, my character was standing on the ground, the Titan was dead and my friend was laughing his ass off.

Friend: lolololol
Me: "Umm... okay... I don't know what just happened, but I guess it was something good...?"

...and then a different Titan grabbed me and my friend was too busy laughing at me to save me from it.

(Btw, all hands and feet are hidden and/or obscured for your and my convenience. Sue me, I suck at drawing feet, okay?)

Female Anatomy
Just a little something I drew on an extremely boring school trip... while no one was looking xD

I'm still only beginning to understand human anatomy, and this here is basically just me going like "Umm... okay, shading and stuff, I guess... and boobs... yeah, definitely boobs..."
She doesn't have a face, either. She used to have one (sort of), but it ruined everything in my opinion, so I erased it and turned her into a female Slenderman instead ^^

Practice: Rookie in the field by IdaRiddle
Practice: Rookie in the field
Nothing special, just practicing poses.
All feet and hands conveniently placed out of sight for no reason at all... and would you look at that NECK! xD
This was sort of a OC I created for the Ace Attourney universe, but she doesn't have a backstory, only a name: Elessa DeWitt. As I said, just a little drawing practice ^^



IdaRiddle's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
Hello, my friends!

My name is Ida Riddle.
I've been a member of DeviantArt since 29th May 2013.
I live in Germany, and am absolutely crazy about a TON of things. I used to list them here, but by now it would just be annoying and no one has the time to read that much, so yeah.
I used to diagnose myself with personality disorders as well, but that shot was slightly off the mark... but no matter!

So, that's me.

Ida Riddle

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